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How to practically buy real estate in Morocco

You must have some things to consider in buying things especially if it involves large amount on a foreign environment such as when you are planning to invest your money on real estate in the excellent country of Morocco. You have to be more than just a plain buyer because things can be very disappointing […]

Special things about Tangier: tourists need to know

There are two important things that make Tangier worth any tourist’s visit. For one, the city is rich in its historical aspect. Tangier is especially located in the border of Africa making it near Spain and other European countries. The city’s cultural aspect cannot be overlooked as well. It is one of the many cities […]

Things to remember when buying real estate in Morocco

Things to remember when buying real estate in Morocco

During the last years, the global economy has had its share of beating and specifically in the real estate investment industry. In nations such as the United States, United Kingdom and Morocco, the pacing of real estate industry has gone too unstable. In most countries, the increasing mortgage rates have greatly crippled the majority of […]

Everything you need to know about Morocco real estate and taxes

Everything you need to know about Morocco real estate and taxes

As its tourism popularity becomes stable and steady, Morocco is also becoming a secure property investment destination in the world today. The industry of tourism has greatly dawned into a beautiful market since the Azur Plan of King Mohammed in 2010. Through this, the real estate market has become steadily booming with high demand in […]

Choose a licensed real estate agent in Tangier

Purchasing a real property for investment is a wise business move. Real property does not depreciate and it could be profitable depending on what business you intend to venture and its location. You just have to be careful to ensure that everything you have saved or mortgaged from the bank will not go to an […]

The advantages of real estate investment in Morocco

Lying just in the borders of the North African continent, Morocco is definitely a haven for investments. Because of its African heritage as well as Western influences, Morocco has been one of the places where tourist influx increases yearly. Officially called as The Kingdom of Morocco, the country has boosted its economy in the past […]

Things to consider before jumping into an investment deal in Morocco

Morocco greatly offers opportunities for investments for real estate investors and many foreign businessmen and tourists have found this imaginable advantage in the real estate properties. With the constant development and government support, Morocco has become one of the most visited destinations for tourists and investors alike. Not only is Morocco the perfect country to […]