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Cheap and best Mortgage options in Morocco

Morocco’s real estate is experiencing a steady increase in demand and price. The Moroccan government encourages the banks and financial institutions to provide easy and cheap mortgage options to finance the purchase. Listed below and some parameters, which will help you, choose the cheap and best mortgage option in Morocco:

Real Estate Investments in Tangier: The Best Options

Because of many reasons and huge return potential, Tangier is a preferred destination for real estate investors. But as with many other places, there are a lot of disadvantages as well and hence it is important to do a thorough research before trying to invest in the Tangier real estate market.

Moroccan real estate do’s and don’ts

Investing on real estate properties in Morocco can bear stable profit in the long run of your business. However, if being careless would lead you to suffer losses with your money. The causes for this decline might include dishonest developers, agents, and even sellers themselves. But you can avoid this unfortunate even when you are […]

Ultimate reasons why Morocco is a good place for real estate investments

In the future, Morocco is set to be one of the most beautiful places in the world especially that it is continuously experiencing a steady influx of tourists year after year. Rapid developments have taken place in this emerging jewel of Africa due to its various government policies and support from private sectors. It is […]

What to bear in mind when investing in Morocco

Located at the tip of North Africa, Morocco is definitely a haven for tourist destinations. Tourists and investors alike have been attracted by the country’s unspoiled coastlines and scenic landscape. Moreover, Morocco has not been the only place for tourists who want a little time off from their busy lives but is also an exciting […]

Real Estate investment opportunities in Morocco

A country whose tourism industry is booming is an ideal place to invest on real estate properties. It means that the value of residential or commercial space has a higher rental or market value. One of the current countries whose tourism is on the boom is Morocco. Their tourism development is supported financially by their […]

Buying real estate property in Morocco: things to keep in mind

For this year 2010, the Kingdom of Morocco has devised a sustainable plan to support the developing tourism the country is continuously experiencing. “Vision 2010”, as the plan is officially called, was implemented the King Mohammed to construct a series of infrastructures that are intended to project the coastline properties of the country and convert […]