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Mortgages in Tangier for Residents

Mortgages in Tangier are easier to obtain for residents than for non-residents. There are still some rules and regulations in place that make it somewhat difficult for non-residents to purchase real estate in and get mortgages in Tangier (though it is still more than possible to get).

Mortgages in Tangier for Non-Residents

If you are a non-resident looking for mortgages in Tangier you may find it a little more difficult than you would if you were a resident. Though you can get a mortgage for real estate in Tangier it will require you working with real estate professionals that are well-versed with non-residents buying real estate in […]

Home Inspections of Real Estate in Morocco

Real estate in Morocco can be a great investment. Whether you are buying in Tangier, Marrakech or any other part of Morocco you will find some great real estate in Morocco. Though it may be an over-simplification there are two different types of properties you will have to choose from: traditional homes (older, typically located […]

The Major Cities in Morocco

If you are interested in real estate in Morocco there may be one or more cities and towns that interest you. It is important to get a good sense of which areas interest you before you begin searching for real estate in Morocco. A more tailored search will have a greater result than if you […]

Choosing the Best Agent in Morocco

If you are buying real estate in Morocco you will definitely want to work with a real estate agency that has local people in the market. This is especially true if you are a foreigner interested in buying real estate in Morocco.

Education and Business in Tangier

If you are buying real estate in Tangier in order to relocate to this amazing city you may be interested in learning more about the education and business opportunities available to you and your family. Even if you have a job lined up, perhaps your spouse may be looking to make an income as well.

Real Estate in Tangier – Avoid Scams

Real estate in Tangier is a very wise investment. If done properly you can make a considerable income and profit off of your investment in property in this amazing city. When investing in real estate in Tangier you want to use common sense and avoid scams. Unfortunately, like in many other cities there are scams […]

The Basics of Moroccan Taxation System That One Must Know

Filing for tax returns often turns up as a harrowing experience for us, particularly for individuals and small businesses who can’t afford a tax consultant for a day-to-day job, for round the year. The primary impediment that we face while preparing for our tax-free life is our ignorance. Here, we present an overview of taxation […]

Why and How to Invest in Tangier Real Estate

The beautiful and charming city of Tangier is located in the northern part of Morocco and is a place having great earning potential from the point of view of high-end investors in the real estate industry. It is a dream destination for many European tourists and people from other parts of the world also like […]

Raising Mortgage Finance in Morocco is Simple

Are you interested in raising mortgage finance in Morocco? Here are a few useful tips to choose from the best mortgage options in Morocco. It is worth taking the trouble researching and knowing all about mortgages in Morocco before you proceed further.