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Tangier Boulevard

The “Buy to Let” market in Morocco

The “Buy-to-let” property simply means that after the purchase and ownership of the property is completed, the owner will rent out the property. Of course the rent payments will exceed the usual mortgage payments that are being made by the owner. The market has in fact seen a lot of action since the King and […]

Architecture in Morocco – A Seamless Blend

The urban modern architecture in Morocco also takes its inspiration from the old architectural styles. There are four imperial sites that have some of the grandest structures and the rich cultural and architectural heritage can be seen at these sites. Royal palaces, mosques, royal necropolis and many other religious places exhibit beautiful pieces of architecture […]

Getting Familiar with the Moorish Architecture

The Moroccan architecture is also known as the Moorish architecture. The artisans have traditionally reproduced these elements over the centuries. Their style reflects the use of space and natural elements incorporated in the construction of the buildings. In fact, a Moroccan home has the synergistic elements of the nature and borrows its hues from the […]

Property buying environment in Morocco

Buying property in Morocco is currently an extremely lucrative proposition. Since Morocco is well connected with Europe through the flights that operate from there, reaching Morocco is not very difficult. Investors can fly into Morocco and fly out almost the same day, if they wish to do so.

FAQs on property in Morocco

When investors are buying property in Morocco, there are several questions that an investor would like to know. Here are some FAQs on buying property in Morocco.

Selling property in Morocco

The property market in Morocco whether it’s for sale or purchase is extremely hot. Forbes magazine has even listed it as one of the top 10 destinations where investors can buy and sell property. The government has also unveiled ambitious plans for Tourism and Healthcare sectors and this has given a high impetus to the […]

Property purchasing procedure in Morocco

This is a general guide and procedure for purchasing the properties that are available for sale in Morocco. The laws are usually reminiscent of the French laws. It is important that you work with an established agent that can help you avoid the pitfalls that may be present. If you are an investor from abroad […]

Architectural Styles in Morocco

There are various styles that are found in Moroccan architecture. Let’s have a look at them.

Architecture in Morocco

The country of Morocco is regarded by many as the country that is steeped in mysticism and beautiful natural wonders as well as old architectural styles that have stood the test of time. The beautiful architecture of Morocco is ancient and there are many sites that can be explored by tourists. Though a number of […]

Real estate in Tangier (Morocco)

Tangier is extremely popular with the tourists and the investors since it is bang on the sea and there are a number of stand-alone and other apartments that have been built to provide maximum comfort for the residents. The city has a more European feel than the rest of Morocco. This is one of the […]